Do you need new or upgraded wall insulation?

Homeowners in and around Kansas City, MO rely on The Hayes Company for their wall insulation needs. Wall insulation has a significant impact on a home’s energy efficiency and its ability to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature. Wall insulation helps homeowners throughout Kansas City, MO and the nearby communities keep their homes comfortable and their energy bills low. Call us today for an energy evaluation to learn if your home is performing optimally. Our insulation contractors will examine your home and highlight areas for improvement, such as wall insulation.

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insulation in home's attic

Wall Insulation Is Like a Blanket for Your Home

Attic insulation will help limit heat transfer in or out of the top of your home, but without effective thermal protection surrounding your house you are still vulnerable to airflow through your walls. Wall insulation serves as a blanket for your home. It helps prevent heat from leaving your home’s interior during the cold winter months and helps block it from entering when your air conditioning is keeping your house cool during the summer. If you notice that the temperature inside is suspiciously similar to the temperature outside and your home has adequate attic insulation, you should consider updating your wall insulation.

Multiple Types of Wall Insulation

Wall insulation is tricky to install because it is often behind drywall and between studs and framing. Therefore, contractors typically install effective wall insulation for all new construction projects. But if your home is older or the insulation is not as efficient as you would like it to be, The Hayes Company can help by installing loose fill insulation into closed walls.

  • Blown-in insulation – Also known as loose fill insulation, blown-in insulation uses recycled materials to fill wall insulation voids. The Hayes Company’s insulation contractors use specialized equipment to blow insulation materials into hard-to-reach places behind existing walls. Different types of blown-in insulation are available such as:
    • Fiberglass insulation – This is made of fiberglass and is among the most common form of insulation.
    • Cellulose insulation – Cellulose comprises recycled paper.
Fiberglass batts being installed in the walls of new construction.

Benefits of Wall Insulation

The benefits of wall insulation extend beyond cost savings from lower energy bills. Homeowners with effective wall insulation also experience consistent temperatures and even distribution of air from their HVAC system.

Additional benefits include:

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When your home fails to maintain a comfortable temperature or relies on an HVAC system to work harder to achieve it, you may need additional wall insulation. The Hayes Company specializes in providing wall insulation for existing homes in Kansas City, MO so reach out to us for an assessment. We can perform an energy audit of your home to determine the reason behind your home’s energy loss. Contact us today to request an estimate.