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Often overlooked, your basement plays a large role in the overall feel of your home and is a big culprit when it comes to air leaks. With little or no protection from air leaks, your basement allows unconditioned air to infiltrate your home. This can be a problem for your energy costs during the cold winter months when even the most powerful heating system can’t compensate for a basement with air leaks. The solution is proper basement insulation.

For years, The Hayes Company has supplied our Kansas City and Nashville communities with top-quality basement insulation. Whether you use the basement primarily for storage or as part of your home’s living space, we offer a variety of basement insulation services to ensure your basement is well insulated and comfortable.

The Insulation Difference

It’s important not to overlook your basement and the role it plays in your home’s energy consumption. If your basement is used for living space, proper basement insulation is even more vital to prevent outside air from leaking in and conditioned air from leaking out. Properly installed basement insulation can increase your home’s comfort almost immediately and add R-value around the entire perimeter.

Basement Insulation Experts

Basement box sills and rim joists are two of the thinnest areas of a home. With no protection from the outside air temperatures, box sills can dramatically affect the temperature in abasement. To increase R-value and seal air leaks, we recommend adding spray foam insulation. If your basement is chilly, it’s time to call the experts at The Hayes Company. A member of our team will come to your home or business and do a thorough inspection of your basement, the box sills and rim joists. We will put together a recommendation of how to best insulate your Kansas City, Johnson County, or Nashville home with the right basement insulation.

Rim joist insulation.
Worker installing insulation in basement rim joists and box sills.

The Benefits of Basement Insulation

Making your basement a more inviting place is important but there are even more benefits to insulating your basement. Homeowners can enjoy:

  • Warmer Floors – Enjoy a warmer and more comfortable floor beneath your feet. By reducing your basement’s cold air infiltration with insulation your first level floors will be warmer to the touch and more enjoyable during the winter. Who doesn’t love a warm floor in the winter?
  • Lower Energy Bills – Put money back in your pocket and cringe less when opening your energy bill each month. Insulating your basement will limit air penetration and prevent heat loss, lowering your heating bills and improving your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Durability – Proper insulation helps protect your box sills from temperature-induced condensation which can deteriorate them over time.
  • Pest Control – Insulation and air sealing help prevent pests from making a home in your basement. It is an official “no pests allowed” sign on your basement.

Quality You Can Depend On

We are committed to providing top quality basement insulation services for our customers. There’s a choice about who to turn to when you need superior, long-lasting results and we take pride in being a valuable resource for homeowners in Kansas City and Nashville who want to increase the comfort of their basement.

For more information on our basement insulation services, contact The Hayes Company today!

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