Are you building a new custom home?

As a builder, when constructing a new home, you know the value of time and money, and how important it is to choose reliable contractors. The Hayes Company specializes in insulation, shower doors, glass, mirrors, fireplaces, and quality home storage options. Since 1978 our team has successfully installed a wide range of soundproof, energy efficient, quality insulation on both commercial and residential projects. We also offer premium glass and mirror selections, custom closet and storage systems, and custom shower enclosures that are perfect for your new home building project. We can partner with other subcontractors to create a comfortable living space. Our rates are competitive and we stand behind our work. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Frameless glass shower doors.

We’ll Help You Create the Perfect Custom Home

It’s vital that insulation is correctly installed and that you choose fixtures that give the home the look that future residents will want. The Hayes Company offers quality insulation products and expert custom shower installations, glass and mirror options, and personalized fireplace enclosures. Need a signature storage or closet system? We can do that, too. All our products are designed with future residents’ needs in mind. From attic and crawl space insulating to accenting the living room and bathroom with stylish glass and fixtures, you and future residents will love the comprehensive custom home services we provide. Our team has over 40 years of experience, and we’re fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

Signature Shower Doors

Nothing finishes a newly built bathroom better than a luxury shower enclosure and at The Hayes Company, you can find the right shower doors and custom shower enclosures for a great price. We carry all popular styles of sliding and hinged shower doors including:

  • Framed slider shower doors
  • Frameless slider shower doors
  • Framed hinged shower doors
  • Frameless hinged shower doors
  • Euro-style shower doors
  • Metal framed shower doors
Hinged glass shower doors.

Custom Glass Solutions

The Hayes Company has the expertise to precisely craft your interior glass to fit the style and practical needs of your home project with a variety of products including:

  • Custom-shaped mirrors—arches, diamonds, circles
  • Tight-fit mirrors—shaped to fit around the lights, frames, vanities, or on top of doors for an exact fit
  • Beveled, oval, and frame mirrors
  • Glass for wine rooms or cellars
  • Curved and linear stairway glass
  • Cabinet glass
  • Mirrored sliding closet doors
Custom glass wine room under stairs.
Brightly colored women's shirts hanging in on a white wire storage system in a closet.

Closet and Storage Solutions

We also offer innovative closet and storage solutions that will help future residents organize their wardrobe with ease. Our wood composite and wire shelving systems can match any closet aesthetic and double the available storage space you currently have in your floorplans. We can design a custom storage system that looks great, works for future residents’ needs, and lasts a lifetime.


Need a gorgeous fireplace in the Kansas City, MO, area? The Hayes Company has been selling and installing top-of-the-line fireplaces for over 20 years. Our 1,000-square-foot Kansas City showroom features a variety of fireplaces. We offer a full range of fireplace styles to complement your new home building project.

Our options include:

Electric fireplace in a living room.

Fireplace Selection and New Home Design

To ensure that you choose the fireplace best suited for your new home building project, you want to hire a fireplace company that will work closely with your designer. The Hayes Company collaborates with designers across the area. When you choose The Hayes Company, you can rest assured that your new fireplace will look great!

Today’s fireplace options are greater than ever before including many high-end styles! You are certain to find just the right fireplace to complement the tastes of future residents. Looking for great fireplace accessories? Our options are endless. Our team can help you choose the perfect accessories to complement your new home project’s décor.

Comprehensive Insulation Solutions

Regardless of whether you’re a new builder or you’ve got years of experience framing houses and building out foundations, one thing is clear, without proper insulation future residents won’t feel comfortable. Proper design of your new home project’s air barrier and insulation envelope can make a huge difference in how it feels to live in your newly built home, affecting areas like:

  • Gas and electricity bills
  • Insect and pest accessibility
  • Indoor air quality
  • Moisture control
  • Sound control
  • Comfort and temperature consistency

Planning practical and effective insulation solutions for future residents while their new home is being built is much easier and more cost effective than leaving it to them to remedy comfort and energy issues after their home is completed. Our insulation experts will present time-proven solutions to solve the most common and most difficult insulation and air leakage issues. Some of the most common comfort concerns are in areas like:

  • Rooms above garages
  • Rooms that overhang the house
  • Vaulted or sloped rooms
  • Finished attic rooms

These are just a few examples of the potential problem areas your new home project can face. This is why The Hayes Company specializes in a wide range of insulation products. We provide you with all the options you need to customize your new home project insulation solution including:

Comprehensive Air Barrier

Using simple and proven products like foam, caulking, foam board, and house wrap, we can devise an affordable air sealing and air barrier package. This will be installed prior to insulating to make your new home building project instantly more energy efficient and comfortable, prevent potential problems like frozen pipes, and meet firestop code requirements.

Customize Your Solution Today

Whatever your climate control needs are, our team of professional insulation installers can get the job done for a fair price.

We’ll help you create a comfortable living space for many future generations. Contact us today!