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Garage Insulation Services in Kansas City

Garage insulation can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your home. The Hayes Company is proud to insulate garages in Kansas City, MO and the surrounding areas. We have provided extensive insulation solutions for homeowners while gaining a reputation for exceptional service and installation. Most individuals think of insulation as a necessity just for walls and attics, but garage insulation can benefit your overall home comfort. In addition to reducing heat transfer and keeping the interior of your garage comfortable, it can reduce noise, among other benefits. Call our team of insulation contractors to request a review of your home. We will gladly examine your garage and explain how effective garage insulation can help your home’s comfort issues. We provide free estimates for insulation for detached and attached garages.

Cellulose insulation in the walls of a large garage.
Spray foam insulation in the walls and ceiling of a large garage.

Garage Insulation Can Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

Help protect your belongings, your home’s structure, and your peace of mind with effective garage insulation. Much like wall and attic insulation, garage insulation helps limit heat transfer into and out of finished spaces. Not only will this affect your garage and the belongings stored in it, it will positively impact your adjoining home. Garage insulation serves as an additional barrier between you and the elements to keep you comfortable inside. And installing garage ceiling insulation gives a room above your garage an extra layer of warmth.

Types of Garage Insulation

Several types of insulation can be used in a garage and we will help you choose the best insulation for your garage. It can be applied similar to wall insulation and, in some cases, more simply. There is not always drywall or framing barriers that hinder an insulation contractor’s ability to complete the task. This makes it convenient to install different types of insulation:

Spray foam insulation – For air sealing and insulating benefits, you may opt for spray foam insulation to insulate your garage. Once applied, spray foam insulation needs to be covered by a thermal barrier such as drywall.

Fiberglass insulation – The Hayes Company can install fiberglass insulation in the form of precut batts that fit between ceiling joists and wall studs. Additionally, we can use fiberglass for blown-in insulation in finished spaces above ceilings or behind walls.

Cellulose insulation – Loose-fill cellulose can be installed behind plastic sheeting or other similar material.

Benefits of Garage Insulation

Home insulation is all about improving energy efficiency and maintaining consistent temperatures, but garage insulation has a unique set of advantages. While it still impacts energy efficiency, it is used differently because your garage is frequently exposed to outdoor temperatures. Benefits of garage insulation include:

Schedule Garage Insulation Services with The Hayes Company

Your garage serves as an extension of your home and you should treat it as such. Installing the best insulation for your garage can help improve your home’s efficiency, protect your plumbing, and keep your family safe. Deciding what type of insulation is best for your garage can be a difficult decision, but its benefits extend far beyond its area. Let The Hayes Company explain how garage insulation can improve your home in Kansas City, MO. Contact us today for a consultation.