Does your home need upgraded insulation?

Existing Home Insulation Services in Kansas City

Whether you’re remodeling your Kansas City home or simply in need of new insulation, now’s the perfect time to give your home a boost with upgraded insulation. At The Hayes Company, insulation is our specialty. Since 1978, our company and its dedicated technicians have successfully installed energy efficient, quality insulation in existing homes across the Kansas City area. We’re here to maximize your home’s energy efficiency too.

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The Importance and Benefits of Upgraded Insulation

Have you ever stopped and considered that over time your home’s insulation can lose its effectiveness, leaving you susceptible to energy leaks and chilly drafts? This is thanks to factors such as water damage, pests, and age. If you haven’t, don’t worry. Taking the time now to retrofit your home with quality insulation can quickly turn things around. In fact, with upgraded insulation you and your family can enjoy:

Retrofit spray foam insulation in a vaulted ceiling.
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Comprehensive Retrofit
Insulation Solutions

As you upgrade your home’s insulation, you know the value of time and money and how important it is to choose reliable contractors. That’s where we come in! Our insulation experts present proven affordable solutions to solve the most common and most difficult insulation and air leakage issues in your home, regardless of your home’s size.

Some of the most common comfort concerns are in areas such as the rooms above your garage, rooms that overhang your house, vaulted or sloped rooms, and finished attic rooms to name a few. At The Hayes Company in Kansas City, MO we specialize in a wide range of insulation products to give us all the options needed to customize solutions for your remodel or insulation addition including:

Remember, it’s vital that insulation is correctly installed to maximize your updated home’s energy efficiency. Our expert team of installers goes above and beyond to guarantee proper installation the first time and provide quality insulation products and services to our Kansas City community. All our products are created with your needs in mind. From attic to basement and crawl space insulating, you’ll love the comprehensive home insulation services we provide for your existing home. We offer competitive rates and stand behind our work, so you can rest easy that your home is in good hands.

Additional Air Barrier and Air Sealing Solutions

At The Hayes Company, we can also develop an affordable air sealing package to keep the conditioned air inside your home and reduce your energy bills even more. Simple and proven products like foam and caulking can be installed prior to insulating to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable, prevent potential problems like frozen pipes, and meet your firestop code requirements.

Energy Efficient and Stylish Too

We want your home to be energy efficient and stylish too. That’s why, along with our quality insulation services, we also proudly offer custom shower doors, glass and mirror options, a wide variety of fireplaces, and custom closet systems. From attic and basement insulating to accenting your living room and bathroom with stylish glass and fixtures, our products and services are designed with your needs in mind. Our team has over 40 years of experience serving customers throughout the Kansas City, MO area and we’re fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Schedule a visit to our Kansas City showroom today to take an in-person look at all we have to offer for your home.

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Customize Your Insulation Solution Today

Whatever your insulation needs, our team of professional insulation installers will get the job done for a fair price. Our expert team is here to work with you to meet your retrofit insulation needs and exceed your expectations. We’ve been helping create a more energy efficient Kansas City community for 45 years and counting and are excited to help you too. Contact us today to learn about all our insulation options for your existing home and schedule your free consultation.