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There are lots of ways to insulate a home, and it’s always reassuring to have it proudly filling every nook and cranny you can see. But what about the things you can’t see? Gaps that are almost invisible to the human eye still draw a lot of energy out of a house, so it’s important to have tools at your disposal that are perfectly designed to handle that problem.

AeroBarrier is an award-winning solution that will help you regulate energy and keep your home as comfortable as possible. AeroBarrier provided by Music City Air Barrier.

Note: Availability is currently limited to the Nashville area.

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AeroBarrier: The Future of Insulation

AeroBarrier uses a modified blower to reduce pressure in the home which draws a non-toxic, water-based sealing formula through penetration points. The whole system is monitored by a computer in real time so you can see proof that it is working as it happens.

The benefits from using AeroBarrier include:

  • Reduced outside noise and odors
  • Reduced moisture intrusion
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced pests

This product is designed for homes under construction or remodeling projects, so all potential points of leakage are exposed and sealed. AeroBarrier works in four easy steps:

1. Prep and Setup

The first step is to cover all areas that do not need to be sealed—like windows, doorways, fireplaces, and air ducts—and to cover all finished horizontal surfaces. The blower station is then put in place, along with the emitters to dispense the sealing formula. Once the hardware is set up, the computer system is prepped for operation.

2. Pressurize and Apply

The blower is activated, pressurizing the room. The computer system allows you to control the amount of pressure pushing air through the gaps, in addition to the humidity, temperature, and distribution of sealant throughout the space.

3. Seal and Monitor

The AeroBarrier Connect computer system lets you monitor real-time activity as the sealant finds its way into any and all penetration points. A final test is run to ensure that you’ve achieved your intended level of airtightness. At the end of the process, AeroBarrier provides a Certificate of Completion that shows the before and after results.

4. Cleanup

When the area has been sealed to the required level of airtightness, work can resume after just 30 minutes. After that, simply remove the tape and coverings that were placed during the preparation stage and move on to the next stage of your home construction project.

Quality You Can Depend On

We know there are plenty of companies to consider when you need superior, long-lasting results. The Hayes Co. takes pride in being a trusted resource for homeowners in Kansas City and Nashville who want to maximize the comfort of their homes.

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